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Inverted Fork
Shock Absorbers

Main Features:
24-level damping force and ride height adjustable, alloy steel shock absorber
Strut Mounting

Steel shape with needle steering bearing design makes our strut mountings impact resistant.


The large-diameter conical spring uses high-tensile-strength silicon-chromium alloy steel with superior durability.


The damping oil is British imported high-grade grease-based, which does not cause excessive density changes due to temperature differences. 


Oil seals, that are wear-resistant and have no leakage, are imported from Germany.


Damping tube uses super-density alloy steel with 100% sealing performance, superior elasticity, and is not easily deformed.


The nano-level grinding shaft and ultra-fine lubrication coefficient can effectively reduce friction resistance. 


The special flow valve design has 24-level damping force adjustment. 


The inverted fork shock absorbers can be fully customized for different vehicle brands and models. 


Monotube inverted fork air shock absorbers are also available.  (depending on the brands and models) 

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