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Category: Exhaust

Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust Manifold Header

Our exhaust manifold header is made of stainless steel. With certain thickness, the header can withstand the vibration and heat from the engine as well as ensuring a longer product life. The smooth inner tube wall creates the better velocity of the exhaust gas and also reduces the flow interference. The inhouse pipe welding and curving techniques show the excellent handcraft quality that has been recognized by many international brands.


Catalyst and Downpipe

The original design of the catalyst and downpipe doespollute the environment with harmful substances discarded by exhaust gas, which affects exhaust efficiency and velocity. Our catalyst and downpipe use the design of an “inflation room” to reduce the vibration and the heat. By slightly enlarging the pipe diameter, our catalyst and downpipe have superior efficiency and velocity.


The outlook is everything when speaking of the mufflers. We provide various muffler appearance choices that fit customers’ needs, such as,original manufacturer style, cat-back, and large bore. As for the materials, stainless, titanium alloy and carbon fiber can be chosen. Our muffler also uses special noise absorbent to eliminate the exhaust noise without affecting the exhaust efficiency.

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