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Brake Rotors, Solid Disc & Floating Disc



We offer a range of standard size, replacement performance brake discs. Both solid or floating discs are available. Each of our brake discs use the same specification as our brake kits. Supplied vented and "barb" grooved we also offer the option of cross drilling if required*

*Cross drilled carries additional cost & is factory order only.


Solid Disc

The main material of our solid disc is FC-28 steel mixed with carbon that is to minimize the expansion rates under high heat. This can prevent the  permanent distortion of the disc, which can occur under extreme use or when keeping pressure on the brake pedal whilst stationary.

Every disc is treated to a strict heat treatment process before being coated, in order to provide long term protection from the elements.


Each  disc also has the  foundation slots, which allows airflow through the mid section of the brake disc and provides cooling.


Floating Disc

By inheriting many features from the solid disc, the floating disc is further enhanced by using a two-piece design. The advantage of the two-piece design is the rotor can move freely. 


Under extreme conditions of use, the brake disc will deform under high heat. The two-piece design allows the brake disc to return to its original shape more quickly.


If your brand focuses on motorsports and racing development, then the floating brake disc is definitely your best choice.

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